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Mon Jan 15 03:45:36 PST 2001

: On Mon, 15 Jan 2001 11:37:44 +0100, Rudolf Floers wrote:

>is that locale stuff only to make programs generate non-english messages?

No. That is gettext.

I am talking about the likes of 

  * comparing strings
  * upper-casing strings
  * converting Unicode <-> locale


If the only thing you will ever do with your system is using US English,
then you might be safe (except for the Unicode stuff). If you dare to use
German (and that includes working with German text, for instance, or using
German locale settings), or even an MBCS language (Thai, for instance),
then good luck with glibc versions prior to 2.2

Oh, and severe dynamic loader bugs have been fixed post 2.1.3.

Again, read the Changelog if you need specifics.

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