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Mon Jan 15 19:27:25 PST 2001

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On Monday 15 January 2001 22:28, Jesse Tie Ten Quee wrote:
> Plans are still in are leader's (Gerard) head and i can't remenber whom
> came up the name infosys, but i'm sure you could find the asnwer if you
> did a little searching on the mailing lists.

Bryan has a lot of plans for the InfoSys, and told me about them on #LFS (you 
should come by more often, Jesse *UVGB*). I still have only a vague concept 
of it, but it will be a mySQL database, capable of exporting data in XML, so 
you could use it for the hints and the profiles themselves. Anway, it's gonna 
be cool (if it isn't vapor). Anyway, doing a mySQL database in itself is 
cool. I can do that part, and transferring the hints to the mySQL database is 
my job. Then, well, we'll see...

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