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Tijmen Stam tijmen at stamadvies.nl
Tue Jan 16 09:03:26 PST 2001

Tan Siong Hua wrote:

> Finally leaving Linux world after nearly 3 years of Linux experience, my
> conclusion on Linux is "Just asking for trouble", Linux is in no way
> comparable to Windows.

Eehm, is your date right? it's 16'th of January, not 1'st of April

And if it's right, I'll tell you a little story:
We have a guy in our class and he is a total windows fan, he just obeys
WHGIII's thoughts. I always call him ME, for the "buggy++" version. He just
wanted to impress me wit the fact he already had the non-public beta of
whistler (=w2k+1). He said: It's pretty stable, you know. I asked how
stable stable is, and in reply he said it had only crashed twice in a week.
I then replied that my server has had only 3 crashes in nearly 2.5 years
(and I like bleeding edges!)! He defended himself telling it was "only a
beta version".
The conclusion, If the beta crashes twice a week, a real version would do
it 4 times a week due to the extra "features" (M$talk for bugs).. 4 times a
week divided by 3 times in 2.5 years means windows is only 200 times less
stable than linux... <sarcasm>We should watch out it doesn't get stabler
than linux... </sarcasm alt="Oh, my timemonitor just tells me it's indeed
16 Jan instead of 1st of April...">


No flamewar in LFS-discuss please, it's heavy enough!

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Everyone calling himself a linux master should have completely read the
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