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SuSE, Red Hat and others pay open source developers.  SuSE and for
example pay Hans Reiser to develop the Reiser File System.  SuSE also pays
Kurt Granroth and Waldo Bastian to develop KDE.

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Shlok Smári Datye wrote: 

Why isn't there any company that PAYS programmers to write BETTER software 
for Linux? And just like in Win, these software would cost money. Rather 
than some NOT good and free apps.

We're even crazyer, we just raised an entirely non-profit company for linux
stuff. We even hope (just hope) we get the investements back... 
What we need is *much* and *big bandhwith* space... Who knows whopays for
the LFS space? 


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Everyone calling himself a linux master should have completely read the Bash

man page and all kernel documentation, as a test to prove himself and to

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