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Tijmen Stam tijmen at stamadvies.nl
Tue Jan 16 11:01:40 PST 2001

Richard Bennett wrote:

> There are two types of people.
> The first takes one look at Linux and says "Hey thats cool..." and looks some
> more.
> The second (i've seen this first hand) will take one look at linux, and
> criticise its immediate lack of a GUI. (a certain friend of mine refuses to
> use a piece of software if it doesnt have mouse support.)

a friend of mine gave the good example here... He as total newbie to linux, ond
not super-computer-interested, bought a full suse 6.2, installed it all, and
after two weeks he refused tu use X as the console stuff was far better, and he
was a total linux addict. Those are the people we need!

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Everyone calling himself a linux master should have completely read the Bash
man page and all kernel documentation, as a test to prove himself and to free
some bandwith on comp.os.linux.* ( Honestly, I haven't done this all yet )-:

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