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Matthias Benkmann mbenkmann at gmx.de
Tue Jan 16 14:18:43 PST 2001

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> On Tuesday 16 January 2001 06:31 am, Matthias Benkmann wrote:
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> > I installed every package as a different user so all files on my
> > system are linked to their packages by their owner UIDs (with the
> > exception of a few suid root programs).
> I forgot all about that!  How is it working?  

It doesn't affect normal system operation. Only suid/sgid programs depend 
on the owner and I chowned those manually. BTW, I don't consider this a 
nuisance but a benefit of the scheme. It makes me nervous to have 
automated scripts make programs suid root behind my back.

>And how hard was it to install 
> everything that way?  

No serious problems during the actual installation. Some packages use 
"install -o root -g root" which a normal user cannot execute. Simple fix 
is to sed it away. There are some other minor problems like that. If you 
have basic knowledge of makefiles and sed you can fix all those problems 
easily. Much easier than fixing compilation problems.
Actually the most time consuming thing was to write a script that 
automates the creation of the package user. But now I just do

install_package "Hexutils 6.66" hexutil util

and it automatically creates the user and puts me into his/her/its home 
directory (/usr/src/hexutil) with a template ./inst script that does the 
complete installation.

(And how big is your passwd/group file?!)

One line per package installed is not that much. I think my old SuSe 
distribution started out with more users by default. Anyway, I don't worry 
about it. Unix is a multi-user system. It won't break if I have a couple 
dozen package users.


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