Putting Glibc in Chapter 6

Eric B ewbish at theriver.com
Tue Jan 16 15:30:24 PST 2001

On Tuesday 16 January 2001 13:38, you wrote:
> > been debating a recompile of GLIBC in the LFS environment just so I could
> > use gcc 2.95.2 and make sure I am getting a good clean build of Glibc, is
> > there any reason to do/not do this?  If I do it, are there any "got yas"
> > to look out for?  Thanks,
> You could recompile Glibc (after mawk and texinfo are both installed in
> chapter 6) but I would not recommend using compiler optimizations. Some
> programs don't run very stable when (heavily) optimized and Glibc
> is the last thing you want to be unstable.
Alright, that sounds like good advice.  I think I'll leave it alone the way 
it is and just strip it.  It appears to be completely stable.  I didn't get 
any errors building it with egcs, and so far I have not had any errors 
compiling any other problems.  Thanks a lot for the info.
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