Steve Jones sljones3 at
Tue Jan 16 15:45:37 PST 2001

Jeffery McLean wrote:
> On Sunday 14 January 2001 08:20 pm, Jack Detrick wrote:
> > Fast forward to your first home-built system--what exactly do you think
> > of those companies now?  I mean yeah, they do a hell of a job getting
> > out there and getting people to buy computers...but how great are they
> > now that you can build your own system?
> /me looks at the system he built himself...
> looks at comment...
> pulls out wire wrapping tool... and smiles....

Done that and it was only an 8086 motherboard with no bios installed but
the serial and parallel ports all worked and it was hooked up to a
tektronix emulator box.  But I did wrap all 20 some odd chips.  It was

Steve Jones
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