make: *** [install.perl] Segmentation fault

Andy Goth andy at
Tue Jan 16 21:30:42 PST 2001

On Tuesday, January 16, 2001 17:50, Pierre Cyr wrote:
> I came to the sad conclusion that my original LFS is broken and I
> cannot build another one with it.  I re-installed Mandrake 7.0 and am
> now building on top of it.
> Pierre

While building my second LFS I momentarily lost my LFS variable.  Naturally that screwed things up BADLY.  But I was kinda lucky that things happened so quickly and horribly--I was forced to notice when configure failed to guess the host type.  Turned out that I had removed various files in /bin.  Easy fix: I just copied the static versions from /mnt/new/bin.

But if I had lost LFS for a long time without noticing, I would have overwritten all sorts of configuration files and would be scratching my head a year later wondering why my account "suddenly" disappeared from /etc/passwd.


Except for when you're in chroot.  Hehehe.  That can be bad, too.

You can easily lose LFS by su'ing to root, closing that su session momentarily, and then coming back without remembering to set LFS again.  Perhaps the book should recommend typing

echo export LFS=/lfs/base/dir >> ~root/.bash_profile

or the like before attempting a build.
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