leaving Linux

Jason Gurtz jason at tommyk.com
Tue Jan 16 23:10:56 PST 2001

> Read this mail calmly and try to figure out what I mean and whether it's
> acceptable or not instead of randomly shooting at me.

    Congratulations, now we all know how your first post should have been,
maybe there could have been some usefull disscussion if U had just said so
in the first place  IMO you're right, if you don't have the will and desire
to hack around in a computer then you really shouldn't be attempting to use
any UNIX type system in the first place.

    Hmm, I have to agree, it is somewhat humorous viewing the ammount and
intensity of the replies.  A few would do well to read the appropriate troll
and kook faqs available elsewhere.  Still, with the ammount of time i spend
on a computer every day, this type of humor wears thin pretty fast.

    Now, please go away and use your windoze in peace and leave us this list
in peace.  god knows there is enough email to keep up with, without having
30+ usless messages clogging my inbox.


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