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On Tuesday 16 January 2001 23:13, you wrote:
>Actually, Partition Magic has a boot disk that you can use to resize >your 
>linux partition without losing your data--whether or not you're in >windows.  
>It's a nifty little tool that I'd recommend to anyone going through >the joys 
>of partitions =)

If you need disk images, you can get them from my computer via ftp.  Ask first, though, or you'll more than likely be sharing a 33.6Kbps connection with endless mp3 downloads, and you'll spend at least ten minutes for each megabyte.  When I want to use PartitionMagic without having DOS installed, I boot a DOS disk and then stick in a PartitionMagic disk.  I can provide both, ready to burn with a mere dd.  (Will cat img > /dev/fd0 work?)

PartitionMagic has worked for me in the past, but to me it's only good for resizing [v]fat{16|32} and ext2 partitions on disks with a "flawless" partition table.  At times Windows has managed to corrupt my partition table in such a way that both Windows and Linux will boot without any problems but programs like PartitionMagic and fdisk have trouble.  Yet where PartitionMagic threw an error and refused to go on, fdisk came through for me.

Now I wonder what to do when I need to resize a ReiserFS partition or any ext2 partitions I might put on my new hard disk which the BIOS cannot see... shame.  PartitionMagic is a slave to the BIOS and thus cannot see it either.  At least that way Windows won't corrupt it!
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