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Barry barry at
Wed Jan 17 12:16:39 PST 2001

Andy Goth wrote:

> I'm writing a hint for this right now.  Hehehe.  It'll basically be an install-log utility plus explanation of how to use it and the lists it generates ("xargs action < /var/install-logs/package").  I'm basically done with install-log (slight variations on Gerard's code), but I'm adding cutesy little features like quiet mode, force mode, and pre-chroot mode.  I think I'll give it an /etc/install-logs.rc file so that the list of exclusions can be made more configurable.
> Any objections?

I have yet to see it, but no objections..just a suggestion...

also include a ~/.install-logs.rc file, in case a user may want to use
it without installing it to the system proper...

If this package is what I think it is, it could be useful for anyone...

btw, where can I get it so I can look at it? 

> > > And by the way, will ALFS ever find its way into the book?  Or is
> > > it intended to forever be a separate project--ahem--branch?
> >
> > seperate. perhaps in the Future (when ALFS has matured a little) it
> > will be mentioned.
> Good enough for me.  I was a little afraid that ALFS would one day replace LFS.

wouldn't that sort of destroy the purpose? :)

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