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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Wed Jan 17 15:08:36 PST 2001

> So my question now, is there a better plan?  Is there something else to
> back up or get a copy of.  I would really like to keep my internet
> connection while I do this.

The plan sounds good to me. What you want to backup are just the 
configuration files of programs, documents and stuff like that. Programs can 
be simply reinstalled, having the config. files around will save you a lot of 
time. Just go through your system and see which programs you are using and 
save the configuration data of those programs. That's often more than enough.

But if you are getting a second harddrive you can just follow the book. 
Create a partition on that new drive when it arives and start building. If 
you need help partitioning your drive feel free to ask for help here. It's a 
real easy task, you just have to have done it once or twice to get the hang 
of it (it's also real easy to destroy all data on your harddisk by 
accidentally removing a partition so be careful when you type in a command).

Gerard Beekmans

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