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Matthias Benkmann mbenkmann at
Wed Jan 17 15:31:09 PST 2001

> > Surely if someone creating a closed source product wanted to use a
> > reasonable amount of open source code there would be no real risk in it
> > for them. If they dont give out the source with their product, then noone
> > knows the code, and cant tell if it has been ripped off some OpenSource
> > project being developed elsewhere... for all we know microsoft could have
> > used linux code in the implementation of some of their software...
> > <sarc>(unlikely considering how stable good ol windows is)</sarc>
> That doesn't work. The programmers know and unless you kill them off after
> the project that's too much of a danger. We're talking about copyright
> infringement here.

One thing I forgot to mention is that partial source code is almost 
worthless in the first place. You can't just take part of the Linux kernel 
and integrate it into Windows. It's more work than reprogramming the whole 
thing. It's the same for all big projects. They get their value from a 
complex arrangement of parts. The separate parts themselves are easily 
rewritten and usually *need* to be rewritten to fit into a different 
system, so it's no use stealing parts of a program. And you can't steal 
the whole program either because that doesn't go unnoticed. 


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God: Nietzsche is dead!

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