Advertising for LFS

Jason Gurtz jason at
Wed Jan 17 15:36:16 PST 2001

> On the second thought, advertising LFS might be not a bad idea after
> all... LFS is the scratch-an-itch version of a random distribution... that
> might have a healty effect in the sense that people would finally be
> confronted with the real nature of linux.

Yea!  Kind of funny, I knew all along that Linux was built of many utilities
and the like, and never really had the 'windoze' view of how it worked. But,
the problem was, as much as i wanted to get a grip on how it *really* was
put togeather, i didn't know were to look, and it was purly by accident that
I stumbled on LFS.  Everywhere was RH and distribution and the concept of
distribution didn't make sense (it does now)  After reading the first few
pages i said, "damnit, why didn't i find this months ago, instead of now."


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