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Something else everyone keeps forgetting (or hasn't addressed) is that
the GPL license is viral. It doesn't play with other licenses. In fact,
it forces itself upon others. Anything that uses something GPLed is forced
to GPLed, which limits what people can do and causes people to have to worry
about licensing more than using their damn computers. Personally, I find the
GPL to be the product of a rabid, totalitarian group of people while the BSD
license is more a product of sane, rational people. That's just me though ;)


On Wed, Jan 17, 2001 at 09:02:19PM -0600, Nitebirdz wrote:
> On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Jon Eisenstein wrote:
> >
> > So? What's your point? That's the whole idea of the BSD license. Anybody
> > is allowed to use it, as long as they acknowledge the originator. I don't
> > care if it's Microsoft using it, or someone else. In fact, I'm glad
> > Microsoft is using it. That means they have _something_ that's somewhat
> > stable in their installation.
> >
> > Personally, I favor the GPL over BSD, but understand the reasoning behind
> > the latter. If Microsoft wants to use BSD, let 'em. That's the whole
> > point. To distribute high-quality software for anyone to use.
> >
> I know this issue has been beaten to death multiple times in lists like
> this but... I just cannot stay quiet!  Yes, the BSD license allows Microsoft
> to use those apps without any problem and we can all feel really happy that
> it improves the stability and overall quality of _their_ product.  The only
> problem is that this particular little application is surrounder by many
> others that are commercial, proprietary, closed source and all of them
> together form what is perhaps the most important product of a company that
> is out there incurring in monopolistic practices.
> Your attitude sort of reminds me of those scientists who only care about
> the wonderful quality of their research without paying attention to the
> fact that is being used by an authoritarian regime for the wrong purposes.
> Should they sit down, relax and feel happy because someone is using a
> better quality product or theory even though it is being used for the
> wrong goal?
> Like someone within the FreeBSD community once said (I think it was none
> other than Greg Lehey actually), the main difference between the BSD
> community and the Linux community is that the BSD people seem to care
> mainly about designing what they believe is good software while the Linux
> people want to change the world.  In other words, the BSD people care
> about software engineering while the Linux people want to redeem the
> world from closed, proprietary source. Different objectives.
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