Open and closed source...

Jeffery McLean jeffery at
Wed Jan 17 21:49:55 PST 2001

Your right on the viral nature of the GPL however the limitations are on
the programmer who adds code not on the end user...
Also the GPL only grants rights taken away by copyright
BSD grants more rights than GPL and dosn't offer restrictions to those

There are reasons behind the GPL but if you don't agree with them
the use BSD liccens...

For me however I only liccense my software to premote "Free software"
in the "rabbid totalitarian" way the GPL dose it...
[My current project (ZenToe) is public domain]

On Wednesday 17 January 2001 08:53 pm, 
zach_hartley at wrote:
> to GPLed, which limits what people can do and causes people to have to
> worry about licensing more than using their damn computers.
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