Making partition decisions.

Carol Spears cspears at
Wed Jan 17 23:08:15 PST 2001

I am musing on my partitions. I have some questions.

I want to use my computer to host a website where my visitors might be
able to use my gimp on their graphics.  This is all that this computer
will be used for.  So, I have come up with this 3 +swap partitioning

 os, binaries & libraries
     external users 

administration would probably be /usr/local and os would be / and /usr.
I am not sure which name for the third partition.  

The way I understand it, for security, I will need to have a gimp (1.0.4
for this app) completely located in external users, as well as an ftp.
Any commands that I want to be available externally should be build on
the external users partition.  What about perl5 and java?  They are
hogs. Do they need to be built there also?  

Perhaps my plan is wrong from the get go. 

Please feel free to edit my plans and mark it with your slashes and
accronyms and abbreviations.  You may grade it and question it as well.

I plan to operate the apache, and run star office from local.  I want to
host websites for photographers and I would like to be hosting only
about 5 sites in the next three years. (I have a handful of equine
photographers with AOL!)

If you need to keep me out of your mail box, feel free to suggest things
to search on in the archives.

Thanks for your time and good help!

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