Making partition decisions.

Carol Spears cspears at
Wed Jan 17 23:48:54 PST 2001

Andy Goth wrote:
> On Thursday, January 18, 2001 01:08, Carol Spears wrote:
> > I am musing on my partitions. I have some questions.
> >
> > I want to use my computer to host a website where my visitors might
> > be able to use my gimp on their graphics.  This is all that this
> > computer will be used for.  So, I have come up with this 3 +swap
> > partitioning scheme:
> Only one hard disk?

Yes, I am getting that second one, but I want to be able to use the
cdrom once the new operating system is working.  Later, I might need it
for all the web activity (LOL), but that is a long way away.

> > ============================
> >  os, binaries & libraries
> > ----------------------------
> >      administration
> > ----------------------------
> >           swap
> > ----------------------------
> >      external users
> > ============================
> >
> > administration would probably be /usr/local and os would be / and
> > /usr. I am not sure which name for the third partition.
> Are you familiar with /etc/fstab?

No, but I will look at it:

/dev/hda1           swap                swap    defaults       0 0
/dev/hda2           /                   ext2    defaults       1 1
/dev/fd0            /mnt/floppy         ext2    noauto         0 0
/dev/cdrom          /mnt/cdrom          iso9660 noauto,ro,user 0 0
proc                /proc               proc    defaults       0 0
#virgil:/home/carol /home/carol/virgil  nfs	defaults       0 0
#virgil:/home/jef   /home/jef/virgil	nfs	defaults       0 0

Hmm.  There's the floppy on /dev/fd0.  Can you tell that we have a hub?
It is down right now.  I need a new ethernet card.

> > The way I understand it, for security, I will need to have a gimp
> > (1.0.4 for this app) completely located in external users, as well as
> > an ftp.
> Why not 1.2?  It's out.  Yay.

I am using 1.1.29, and it was fine.  1.0.4 is the best for the net-fu
package. (see  I want them to apply my frames to
their photos.  It will probably be image magick for collecting and
displaying photographers proofs online, however.  1.0.4 is small
compared to my great new gimp, and possesses all of the skills a web
visitor can handle and more.  There is a fire animation website out
there somewhere running the gimp.

> And these people who use GIMP... will they be doing X over the Internet or something?  Or will they just come over to your house?  :^)

These people are probably mostly horse people with small children and
they can't come to my house!  Net-fu. Yee ha!

> Do what I do.  Make a "rusers" and a "lusers" group.  Put people with physical access to the computer in rusers.  Give them access to the sound card, the floppy drive, the printer, and so on.  Put people who use your computer across the Internet in lusers.  Let them run programs but not diddle with hardware.
> > Any commands that I want to be available externally should be
> > build on the external users partition.  What about perl5 and java?
> > They are hogs. Do they need to be built there also?
> Can't they just see the stuff in /usr, /usr/local, /opt, and so on and so forth?  Or will they live in a chroot?

chroot.  That's what my brother said.  He likes the ftp sites with the
binaries.  I have to watch the advice from my brother.  He's one of
those command line guys with his nose up very far about GUI.

> > Perhaps my plan is wrong from the get go.
> Don't be so down on yourself.
> > Please feel free to edit my plans and mark it with your slashes and
> > accronyms and abbreviations.  You may grade it and question it as
> > well.
> ?
> > I plan to operate the apache, and run star office from local.  I want
> > to host websites for photographers and I would like to be hosting
> > only about 5 sites in the next three years. (I have a handful of
> > equine photographers with AOL!)
> Hey, I know Lynn Radeka.  Cool photos, eh?  In fact, the Canon BJC-610 printer I have right here is indirectly a gift from him.
> > If you need to keep me out of your mail box, feel free to suggest
> > things to search on in the archives.
> I don't recall this coming up.
> Perhaps it would be best if you found your way into some sort of chat, like IRC, ICQ, AIM, or OpenVerse, because I have a feeling that this issue could take some discussion.

I have never done this before.  I don't even know if I can.

> Speaking of discussion... this thread should be moved from lfs-discuss to lfs-apps.

I need to subscribe?

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