Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Jan 18 05:30:53 PST 2001

> I had put together the start to an unofficial FAQ but hadn't got
> around to announcing it yet. Consider that rectified :)
> HTML and SGML source are at http://members.mint.net/sklein/lfs/
> I'm hoping y'all will suggest additions. The more closely you
> copy the format, style, and content of the items i've done, the
> faster i can process them. I will edit all contributions as
> necessary.
> If you'd rather not be listed in the (to be added when there are
> some) contributors section, please mention it.
> Oh, and in case i need mention it, if you do contribute, please
> read the appropriate sections of the FAQ first! :)

That would look real nice when it is growing. In the last few days I have, as 
promised, given a possible FAQ more thought and I've started to like the idea 
of having a FAQ available on the LFS web site and in the LFS-Book also.

I do have a few layout suggestions (like giving each faq item it's own page, 
which is not what you usually see in FAQ's but it's nicest to read like that. 
Imagine the FAQ growing to 100 items. That would make one long page to load 
on a slow internet connection. Instead you can now go to the index and click 
on your FAQ item. I'd also provide multiple formats of the FAQ like txt, 
html, pdf, ps in case somebody does what everything on one page (txt) or 
print out nicely (ps)).

So Seth what do you think of the idea becoming the official FAQ maintainer 
(as opposed to the unofficial)? I would like to add the FAQ to the book 
(whichever is current at the time of releasing a book version) as well which 
would require a few minor SGML changes to match the style the book's written 
in. Well require is a strong word, I would prefer it to maintain consistency 
with the rest of the book if you were to agree.

The FAQ would go best into CVS as well so we can set you up with an CVS 
account so you can manage the FAQ.

Let me know what you think.

Gerard Beekmans

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