leaving Linux (other point comes in mind)

Richard Lightman richard at reika.demon.co.uk
Thu Jan 18 07:52:38 PST 2001

Misquoted from Shlok Smari Datye on 2001/01/17 at 21:58 +0000:
> And clearly thinking, why would well-paid Microsoft programmers make very
> bad software?
M$'s very old stategy: People will buy new software to fix the bugs.
Problem:               People stotted the new versions were no more stable
M$'s old strategy:     Release version X+1, that will not exchange files
                       with version X
Problem:               People refuse to buy new versions.
M$'s next strategy:    All the programs and your data are on their server.
                       You access them remotely. It is vital that you
                       cannot easily get all you data off their server.

Since when has there been any reason for M$ to release good software?


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