How to organize sources

Jack Detrick vze24938 at
Thu Jan 18 08:30:25 PST 2001

It's actually pretty  much a personal preference, as it's not going to
affect your build in any way (unless you wrote a script to automate your
build, and the script expects all packages to be in one certain
directory).  I've been messing with automation, and all my stuff is in
one directory since I'm not actually even going to be manually unpacking
the stuff myself (the script does that when it's needed for the script
running at the time and the packages needed during its execution).

Björn Lindberg wrote:
> The way I have structured it for now, is like this: I made dirs a, b,
> c, .., skipping those letters I don't need for know. I created those
> directly under source, but then I put /linux, /gcc-build and
> glibc-build directly under src as well. Maybe this isn't perfect,
> but..
> Björn
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