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Barry barry at
Thu Jan 18 13:08:55 PST 2001

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> > From a community standpoint, BSD and every BSD style license is
> > DANGEROUS.  Allow me to reitterate.  In five years, the Open Source
> It also depends on the type of thing carrying the BSD license. You may or may
> not have noticed but the LFS-Book is BSD licensed. But yes it's a book, not
> software so there's no danger in it ending up in closed source (though closed
> source systems may be inspired by the book, but that's something you can't
> stop anyways since others can think up LFS-Book type things easily. It's just
> getting the packages in the right order).
> the message

True... I don't disagree with this at all.  I hadn't noticed that the
book was BSD'ed, but I don't disagree with it.  I don't mean to give the
impression that I feel that the BSD license is a bad thing, per se...
But I think that it will cause us a lot of trouble on the software
perspective.  It's still open source software and anybody distributing
their software under the BSD license still has most of the intentions of
any GPL'ed software developer.  The problem is really one of execution
and protection.  For books, the relicensing clause is not such a big
deal because the power of books is in their content alone.  The newer
e-book licenses WILL become a problem, I think.  But that is not the
issue here.  It's kind of difficult to have two incompatible books.  Or
maybe it's inherently necessary, depending on your point of view :).  So
the BSD or GPL are both equally appropriate.  

When arguing this point of view, one thing that comes up in arguments is
the content of shell and perl scripts.  The argument being that any
interpreted script can never be closed.  While I have little fear of
closed bash shell scripts being available anytime soon, perl is only a
short distance away, what with the advent of ActivePerl.

Perhaps not everyone is quite so concerned as I am, I just feel that our
own rifts can be as damaging as those of newbies who don't understand
our ways...

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