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Barry barry at
Thu Jan 18 15:00:35 PST 2001

Simon Perreault wrote:
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> On Wednesday 17 January 2001 16:28, Barry wrote:
> > <snip all>
> I didn't understand at all what you were talking about. So therefore, I'm
> wondering if you were even replying to me or to Andy. So I will not reply to
> this as I cannot see the link between what you said and what I said. :)
> (smileys are effective when you don't want to get into a fight, I think I'll
> use them everytime I write something. Might as well put em into my sig.)

hehe, I was simply responding to the output of his code... 

I missed a few e-mails and wasn't sure exactly where you guys were...
but felt that I had some input that might be useful...

appearently not...


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