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Thu Jan 18 15:14:46 PST 2001

Um, 'our ways'? Don't you mean your ways? Just because someone doesn't
quite hold your perspective is no reason to refer to them as a 'newbie'.
In fact, I'd venture to say even a newbie's opinion matters. So please
don't try to patronize the rest of on this list. And no, I'm not going
to say I've been around forever because I haven't. I've been a (mostly)
happy member of the gnu/linux community for little over a year and a 
half now and I don't think people who've been using gnu/linux since the
dawn of time are any better than the rest of us. Oh, and sorry that I
broke my promise to not reply to this thread again. oh well ;P


> Perhaps not everyone is quite so concerned as I am, I just feel that our
> own rifts can be as damaging as those of newbies who don't understand
> our ways...

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