Jeffrey B. Ferland autocracy at
Thu Jan 18 16:33:12 PST 2001

Chris Snyder wrote:
> Florian Wilhelm wrote:
> > My Del-Keys don't work under LFS. I tried
> > to figure out how SuSE Linux sets up these
> > keys, but I didn't find out how it works.
> > I only know that it has nothing to do with
> > keymaps.
> > So how can I activate my Del-Keys??
> > By the way, my Del-Keys only don't work in Bash,
> > konsole and xterm...
> >
> > Regards,
> > Florian
> >
> >
> I have the same problem.  It also happens with the end key.

Bad news: Each type of temninal (console, xterm, $THIRD_ONE) has keys that just
don't work. You've got to pick the one that looks best to you.


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