[ALFS Progress (was: Re: bash: ./configure: No such file or directory)]

Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at highos.com
Fri Jan 19 04:22:28 PST 2001


(sorry for being so late, going over all my old mail i never got around
to ;)

On Wed, Dec 13, 2000 at 08:10:53AM -0700, Corey Cox wrote:
> I think you have a good idea there.  Also I would say that a really good
> focus would be the web site as you mentioned.  I can't say how soon it
> will be - but when I have my LFS system up with some important programs (
> x, Navigator... ) I will try and help out with that. I think it is
> important because it gives peope a place to check and see where things
> are.  I know when I checked out any links to ALFS I din't find much
> (because it isn't there) but I made the assumption that I simply wasn't
> looking in the right place and that a lot was getting done.
>   I was also thinking that maybe the project has stalled because your
> trying to do everythgni right the first time...  What do I mean?  We are
> using XML and PERL and several other things that I know I can't even touch
> - and some others out there probably feel the same.  Maybe we can start
> the first implementations of these things at a slightly lower level.  Most
> of the LFS users who have expressed interest in ALFS have already started
> some scripting on their own.  Maybe ask for some submissions and see if we
> can work up a backend with that first - then at least we have a scaffold
> and can decide what to chang ewhen we go to better technology.  It is just
> a thought, but it does sound like maybe you have bitten off more than you
> can chew (I mean the project itself not anyone specifically.)  And Jesse
> don't sell yourself short.  You do an excellent job of helping people and
> explaining things, and this update for all of us LFS'ers was a good idea.
>  I think you will be a great project leader.

Thx for your comments, btw the ALFS website has gotten a facelift too ;)

Jesse Tie Ten Quee - highos at highos dot com

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