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Barry barry at
Fri Jan 19 07:29:44 PST 2001

you're really stretching your interpretation of my post...

I'm not even sure how you came up with me saying that...

when referring to "our ways" I'm referring to the ways of the free
software community in abstract.  The whole "free speech not free beer"

And yes, I'd say that if you don't buy this concept then you're not a
free software advocate... it's something of a key concept.  I have no
outright problem with people not buying this concept (except for the
fact that I believe that anything other than this concept is destructive
and, ultimately, a lie.   Information *IS* free, nuff said) but if you
don't buy it, then you aren't a free software advocate and the
categorical "our ways" does not refer to you, in abstract of
course...pretty simple concept.

I'd venture to say that a newbie's opinion matters as well.  I was NOT
trying to patronize anyone on this list and implying such is an attempt
to patronize me.  If you got that from my post and it was due to
something that I didn't clearify, then I apologize.  However, I don't
see how you could have and I believe that you're looking for insult
where there is none.

I was not implying that experience with GNU/Linux makes one more
important than another.  In fact, my intention was to say that
differences in the way that free software/open source advocates view
licensing amongst themselves (assuming that that person has a degree of
experience with licensing and knowledge thereof - people who don't know
the facts of a situation can't make informed opinions, after all) may
actually cause us some more problems down the line.  If anything, this
divorces the new user from responsibility in problems in the GNU/Linux
world.  My post was to counter the idea that too many newbies was a
problem because they "just don't get it."

In otherwords, my initial post actually supports your point here.  I
don't see where you're being insulted.  My point was to show that there
is depth within the community.  "our way" is a pretty broad abstract,
and it is divided by many different points of view.  So, as far as
"getting it" is concerned (see the initial post of this thread, which
was not by me, for more info) I'm not sure that we can say that this
community as a whole "gets it" when we have such differing views...

understand? :)

zach_hartley at wrote:
> Um, 'our ways'? Don't you mean your ways? Just because someone doesn't
> quite hold your perspective is no reason to refer to them as a 'newbie'.
> In fact, I'd venture to say even a newbie's opinion matters. So please
> don't try to patronize the rest of on this list. And no, I'm not going
> to say I've been around forever because I haven't. I've been a (mostly)
> happy member of the gnu/linux community for little over a year and a
> half now and I don't think people who've been using gnu/linux since the
> dawn of time are any better than the rest of us. Oh, and sorry that I
> broke my promise to not reply to this thread again. oh well ;P
> Zach
> <snip-snip>
> > Perhaps not everyone is quite so concerned as I am, I just feel that our
> > own rifts can be as damaging as those of newbies who don't understand
> > our ways...
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