FW: About the extra mailinglist

Steve Hayashi sth at andrew.cmu.edu
Sat Jan 20 14:06:36 PST 2001

On Sat, 20 Jan 2001, Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> > I just thought of another list... perhaps a moderated list called
> > lfs-bugs where bug notices can be released...
> That would be nice, no more 10 bug reports of the same bug and so. Then again 
> Im not a big fan of moderated lists myself. Well you all have noticed by now 
> that i haven't been able to do the move of the lists yesterday so I will do 

Is lfs-announce moderated at all?  Announce sounds the most appropriate
for things like bug reports, updates and anything that ought to be

> At the moment this is what sounds best to me:
> lfs-discuss (this list) - Bug reports, suggestions for removal/addition of 
> whatever from/to the book.
Here's a better idea.  How about renaming it to lfs-book.  Someone
mentioned it elsewhere, but book sounds not as ambiguous as discuss.

> lfs-help (what is now lfs-apps) - Help with problem, ask questions, obtain 
> advice. This can be related to software from lfs-book, alternatives to 
> software from the book (gawk instead of mawk, etc) or non-book related stuff 
> (how to install X, KDE, Gnome, etc). Use this list to send new lfs-hints to 
> as well.
> lfs-chatter (new list) - Fire away all your casual talks when it involves 
> LinuxFromScratch somehow
> linux (reinstated old list) - anything that doesn't really fit on lfs-chatter 
> because it doesn't involve LFS.
This will be useful since there are a million things I don't know about
Linux in general.  I still don't know how to use VI.  I've done all my
text editing in pico and nano.  Learning how to use sed properly wouldn't
hurt me either.  But then if I were slightly confused at all, I'd post
such questions to lfs-help.  After all, that is the help mailing list.

> The thin line between lfs-chatter and linux is thin so I won't be a 
> boogey-man when it comes to posting to the wrong list, but I will be strict 
> on the other two lists (discuss and help).

When people subscribe to the list, you may want to have a description of
what the list is about mailed to them (you know, as a sort of welcome
letter).  I know only a few people actually read those e-mails, but it's
worth a shot anyways.


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