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scott thomason scott at industrial-linux.org
Sat Jan 20 14:17:18 PST 2001

I think this whole issue about what topics go on what list, which posts are valuable and which are not, whether to moderate certain lists or not, etc. has already been solved. Use Slashcode (or kin) and let us members serve as moderators. Let lfs-discuss be the wasteland for a while; when you find something interesting either post an article yourself or use Slashcode's ability to let us submit articles to you (and dole out approval responsibility to a handful of people you trust). 

This is a more-or-less solved problem domain. You are clubbing the problem with the wrong tool. Eventually, all popular forums either get moderated or turn into a wasteland like usenet; pick your moderating tool if you want to maintain a high S/N ratio.

On Sat, 20 Jan 2001 16:19:08 -0500, Gerard Beekmans said:

> > Anyways, i agree with you on the most part, allthough, imho, it has more
>  > todo with lack of knowledge.. alot of posters don't know where to post
>  > or are confused with all the different LFS lists that are mentioned on
>  > the website...
>  That's my fault, I should put up more detailed explanations which list to use.
>  > When more lists where created so users could have a place more "suited"
>  > to post on there topic, no one used the lists, and when they did they
>  > (usually) posted with the wrong context, so then it was moved to a two
>  > main mailing list setup, lfs-discuss and lfs-apps.. so far, imho, most
>  > of the posts on lfs-discuss have been on topic (with the small exception
>  > of this past while), so i see little reason to change anything.
>  That was my fault as well: I allowed it to happen which I am not anymore.
>  > If the mailing lists are to be moved around, why not lfs-discuss be the
>  > general mailing lists, it seems more suited then for just the HOWTO or
>  > book... LFS is not just a book anymore, there is a HUGE (and very fast)
>  > growing community and several subprojects (Hints, ALFS, InfoSys, LFS
>  > Community (if that even is a subproject), translations, etcetc), at
>  > least with a list called lfs-book (or whatever) people would kinda get
>  > the drift that the list is only for book related issues and anything
>  > else should be moved somewhere else.
>  There's a point there too yes. But most people subscribe/have subscribed to 
>  lfs-discuss assuming/thinking/hoping (to happen soon) it was only used for 
>  stuff directly related to the lfs-book. It's better imho to not rename 
>  lfs-discuss but to rename lfs-apps and create the two off topic lists (and 
>  seperate LFS from non-LFS). That way most people don't have to do 
>  anything/remember anything about the list change. It's the happy medium 
>  though I do agree lfs-discuss could have a better name for it's purpose. But 
>  I don't want to rename all the lists either. Where do I draw the line? At 
>  lfs-apps apparently.
>  > Dunno, having to tell users they are OT is bad enough, and for god sake,
>  > if we have to police the mailing list to make sure users aren't OT...
>  > then well..when that day comes, i'll be said to call myself an LFS'er.
>  I guess you meant "i'll be sad to call myself an LFS'er".
>  I'm not going to be a drill sergeant on lfs-discuss and lfs-help but when a 
>  thread is getting away from the purpose of the list (ie: the emails don't 
>  help anybody or do not suggest/report bugs) I will ask them to move to one of 
>  the other lists. If we all can be sane and decent nobody's feelings have to 
>  be hurt when somebody asks somebody else to kindly move the discussion to a 
>  list dedicated for those matters so the list can stay focussed.
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