Perhaps this does need some more thinking through

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Sat Jan 20 14:32:14 PST 2001

Here I was all set to make the changes but perhaps it is better to hold
of a few more days. I still want to make the changes, very much so
indeed. The whole moderating idea on certain lists (bug report list)
becomes more and more appealing the more I think about it. Also I have
realized the last few days that keeping lfs-discuss the way is has been
for a long time only postpones the inevitable; renaming it or start
moderating it because the name won't make sense for much longer anymore.

What Jesse and others have said made me rethink my strategy and I think
it's best, after given if a few days worth of thought, to do some proper
renaming and creating new lists (one or two probably would be best being
moderated lists).

I'm still open for suggestions for names, mode of the list (open vs.
moderated) and how far to break things down (ie: how specific should a
lists topic be before it should go to a different also dedicated list to
a specific topic or two).

lfs-book (open) - only directly book related

lfs-bugs (moderated) - bug reports and mention when a fix has been fixed
(when it goes CVS) - this may be better for a real bug report system in
the future but until such a system is in place a list will do.

lfs-help (open) - help with whatever you need help with (and advice)

lfs-announce (moderated) - announce new book releases

lfs-misc - The Off-Topic stuff (general chatter) with LFS involved

linux - The Off-Topic stuff (general chatter) without needing to involve LFS

Are there many people who would be against the two different off-toic
lists? I myself don't care, but others may (speak up now or be silent
forever). More to the point: do people want to receive general LFS
chatter but not general non-LFS chatter.

Well, we have 350 ppl on this list. Anybody else who has a voice in the
matter? You may as well make this reply your first post if you have been
waiting for that "first post".

I'll just give it more thought so that I am 100% positive that I'm doing
the right thing. 

Gerard Beekmans

-*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-

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