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> Are there many people who would be against the two different off-toic
> lists? I myself don't care, but others may (speak up now or be silent
> forever). More to the point: do people want to receive general LFS
> chatter but not general non-LFS chatter.

I think I would not subscribe to the general chatter, but I would subscribe
to the LFS related stuff (even if a lot of the time I just hit the catchup
button...). I tend to get >1Mb of email a day, (most of which seems to be
inconsiderate quoting, but lets not go there...), so being able to cut down
the offtopic stuff would be good. I've nothing against general chatter, but
I do need to be able to separate it out from the other stuff; there are
more appropriate places than the same lists in which people are asking for
help, and giving out advice.

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