Perhaps this does need some more thinking through

Erika Pacholleck Pacholleck.E at
Sat Jan 20 15:47:14 PST 2001

( Sam, 20 Jan 2001 ) Gerard Beekmans <-- :
This is how I would understand your proposals and what I would send
to them. Maybe if just everyone adds under "themes" what he would send
there, we have a quick summary. You could use your approved list then
in the welcome message.
I assume lfs-security will stay untouched, will it?

> lfs-book (open) - only directly book related
- name: OK
- status: try it
- themes: whish list of packages to add? (remember those threads?)

> lfs-bugs (moderated) - bug reports and mention fix
- name: OK
- status: OK
- themes: typos, missing package updates, 
> lfs-help (open) - help with whatever you need help with (and advice)
- name: OK
- status: OK
- themes: problems compiling/configuring book/hint related

> lfs-announce (moderated) - announce new book releases
- name: OK
- status: OK
- themes: new book version, new list names

---- cut here the general ones ----

> linux - Off-Topic (general chatter) without LFS involved
- name: OK
- remark: understand that as general (only) linux help
- themes: usage of linux programs/command/utilities, compiler optimization

> lfs-misc - Off-Topic (general chatter) with LFS involved
- name: lfs-chat
- remark: understand that as totally open/related/nonrelated
- remark: chat normally means speaking about everything (like irc)
- remark: let discussing flow first until we see some direction
- themes: lfs is great, ms not, away/return messages, meetings
- themes: quoting rules, hardware trouble

---- unidentified themes, where would that go? ----

- themes: do we need new lists
- themes: who takes over which task


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