Perhaps this does need some more thinking through

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Sat Jan 20 18:50:58 PST 2001

> Anyways, i'm not going to comment on this anymore, if the inititals
> posters haven't noticed yet, this topic and the posts about everyone
> being OT has generated just as many posts as the OT threads.

I know but it's a little bit of a difference situation here. The future
of the mailinglists depends on it in a manner of speaking so this will
hopefully be the last off-topic kind of thread.

i agree with what you said about lfs-help and lfs-misc being pretty much
the same, lfs-discuss could be a better name that does both jobs of the
list. I may not use it but it sounds appealing. I'm also going to
refrain from further comments from now on (unless really necessary) and
just this thread go on and die out. I will make my final decision soon.

When I make changes, everybody who is currently subscribed to
lfs-discuss will be automatically subscribed to the lfs-book list. Who's
on lfs-apps right now will be moved to lfs-discuss (former
lfs-chatter/lfs-misc). It's going to be a great change, after having
used lfs-discuss for so long we're changing it's role. Going to take
some getting used to for sure. As seven-of-nine says "You will adapt".
No need to worry about it because it is "irrelevant".

As a last suggestion: everybody let's just let this thread die a quiet
death. I'm sure everything has been said by now, I have seen opinions, I
agree partly with all of them. I will find that happy medium and give
details soon.

If you have anything to add I would prefer at this point you email me
personally about it.

Gerard Beekmans

-*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-

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