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Sat Jan 20 20:38:53 PST 2001

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On Saturday 20 January 2001 21:49, Jesse Tie Ten Quee babbled:
> I would drop lfs-help and lfs-misc.. no need to have two mailing list
> todo the same job (imho), lfs-discuss could do well in it's place,
> kinda taking over what lfs-apps is doing now, but with a much more
> "sane" name. (except, tolaring posts/threads to the point where they
> should be moved to linux@/LFS Community)

I disagree with this very much.

I think an lfs-help mailing list would be the second-most needed one, right 
after a general chatter one (I think we pretty much agree that a chatter list 
is needed for OT threads). Have you noticed the increasing number of newbie 
posts these days? Easy questions, always repeated, sometimes tire people. And 
newbies are always afraid of the reaction of people when they know they're 
gonna ask a newbie question on a list that's named "lfs-apps". With an 
lfs-help list, only people wanting to be the lfs tech support would 
subscribe, and newbies would not be afraid anymore, and they'd be sure to get 
quick answers from people who really want to help them.

I think we must filter the questions from lfs-apps and put them in lfs-help.

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