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On Saturday 20 January 2001 23:55, Jesse Tie Ten Quee babbled:
> Simple fix, FAQ.

History shows that people don't read. There are hundred of places where they 
could find how to do this or that, but they never read anything and just ask 
for it before having thought about it. There are always going to be newbie 
questions (and not-so-newbie ones too), and a new list for those is needed. 
Because this is not always lfs-related, putting all of this in lfs-apps is 
not right. And also because some people could do away with the tech support 
chit-chat, filtering this and putting this in lfs-help is needed.

A FAQ won't fix things, because
1) People won't read it.
2) Even if people do (so don't reply to my first point saying that people 
will read it, i've put an else after the if), there will always be more and 
more questions. We'd need an entire linux-bible for people to stop posting to 
lfs-help, but then it would be too big and we're back to point 1.

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