Perhaps this does need some more thinking through

Corey Cox sleepnir at
Sun Jan 21 09:19:45 PST 2001

> When I make changes, everybody who is currently subscribed to
> lfs-discuss will be automatically subscribed to the lfs-book list. Who's
> on lfs-apps right now will be moved to lfs-discuss (former
> lfs-chatter/lfs-misc). It's going to be a great change, after having
> used lfs-discuss for so long we're changing it's role. Going to take
> some getting used to for sure. As seven-of-nine says "You will adapt".
> No need to worry about it because it is "irrelevant".

Sounds good, I'm just writing to voice my support for whatever you decide
to change (and I'll just adapt.)

Corey Cox.

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