Perhaps this does need some more thinking through

Michael A. Meffie III meffiem at
Sun Jan 21 13:13:01 PST 2001

> lfs-book (open) - only directly book related
> lfs-bugs (moderated) - bug reports and mention when a fix has been fixed
> (when it goes CVS) - this may be better for a real bug report system in
> the future but until such a system is in place a list will do.
> lfs-help (open) - help with whatever you need help with (and advice)
> lfs-announce (moderated) - announce new book releases
> lfs-misc - The Off-Topic stuff (general chatter) with LFS involved
> linux - The Off-Topic stuff (general chatter) without needing to involve LFS

I have been reading this mail list for several months, and at Gerard's
invitation this is my first post. 

IMHO, the revised lists names will work well.  I for one was confused
on the name lfs-discuss (if it was to discuss just the book, why not
call it lfs-book:).  Moderated lists will be nice as not to miss an 
important update. 

Finally, I don't think the linux list is actually needed. There are
many other avenues, such as usenet, for general purpose linux

Thanks for LFS!
Michael Meffie

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