Perhaps this does need some more thinking through

Chris F.A. Johnson chris at
Mon Jan 22 07:11:49 PST 2001

On Sun, 21 Jan 2001, Sergey Ostrovsky wrote:

> <--- snip
> > 1) Read FAQ (if there is one)
> > 2) Read Documentation (if there is any to read and/or re-read)
> > 3) Search mailing list archives/do a site search, aka
> >
> > 4) Only then should one email the lists.
> <--- snip
> I think it is fair. If people who know the answer for a particular question
> really cared about poster, they wouldn't answer things like --with-ncurses,
> but pointed to archives. By reading the archives one could learn much more
> than from one "do this:" message.

Better still, do both, particularly when the answer is short.

Searching archives can be a frustrating chore, and when posting an answer
is a 10-second task, it's churlish not to. By all means post a pointer to
the archives (in fact, could it be put in the list's sig, along with the
unsubscribe info?).

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