Install script

Mike Hildebrandt mikehild at
Tue Jan 23 14:27:11 PST 2001

> From: Björn Lindberg
> Here is an install/uninstall script I wrote. I know that several
> others use the find-find-diff combo, but this script has the added
> advantage that you can use it even if you already have installed a
> package. Just run "script 1; make install; script 2", and let it
> install install again, writing over the files from the first install.
> What do you think?

Nice.  =)  But how about the following changes to step 1 (which would mean
the uninstall step would become #2)?  This way simply invoking 'script 1'
would do the preinstall part, call 'make install', and do the post-install
part automatically.  And the reason for the if statement is that if a
particular installation procedure requires a different command, you could
pass that to the script as well,
i.e. script 1 'make PREFIX=/usr install'

 case $1 in
 	touch $TMPFILE
 	sleep 1
# following lines added
	if $2 = '' then make install
	else $2
# end added lines
 	find / \( -path '/usr*/src' -prune -a ! -type d \) -o \(
 -newer $TMPFILE -a ! -type d \) > $FILENAME

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