Björn Lindberg d95-bli at
Fri Jan 26 15:32:32 PST 2001

I am halfway through an lfs-installation, and since came up to
install the man-pages package _first_, I decided to do it now. First
I made a backup of all the alreay installed pages. After the
installation, I compared all the new pages to the old with the same
name. It turns out that some of the pages in the man-pages package
are older than their counterparts from the other packages. An example
is console.4. BUT, all the gnu utilitis programs, like cp, dir,
install, mknod, etc. have newer and longer man pages in the man-pages
package. the pages that come with the separate packages are often cut
halfway, where there is the familiar reference "to get full
docuymentation <blah, blah> se the info pages ...

So, if you (like me) prefer man pages over info, you definitely want
to reinstall those man pages the last thing you do. It seems to be
all of the man1/ pages, but since I am only halfway through, I don't
know if there are other duplicates in the man-page package.


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