Glibc and gcc chap5

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Fri Jan 26 17:39:44 PST 2001

> Can someone please explain the Installing Glibc page in Chap5 for me.
> It says to make a gcc-build dir. But I already have one that gcc created a 
> couple of pages back?
> It also says we need to unpack the gcc-patch file but should that get copied 
> into the glibc dir or left in the src?
> Also all of the patches file links in the 2.4.4 doc are broken.  I think 
> they're just missing their bz2 extension.

I thought I had fixed the links already. I will check into it asap and
fix it.

during installing glibc don't create gcc-build but glibc-build.
LFS-2.4.4 does not mention gcc-build in the installation of glibc at
all. Please go back and make sure you are reading the right page
(perhaps you were reading the gcc installation in stead of the glibc
installation by accident?)

Gerard Beekmans

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