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Sat Jan 27 07:53:57 PST 2001

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On Saturday 27 January 2001 07:35, Marc Heerdink wrote:
> I think this is not the most elegant way, since an environment variable get
> set first (meant for the whole session) and gets destroyed 2 lines after it
> has been defined. CPPFLAGS=-Dre_max_failures=re_max_failures2 ./configure
> -blah does basically do the same, except the CPPFLAGS variable only exists
> shortly. The export thingie should be saved for really important variables,
> such as setting the CFLAGS variable permanently.

Quoted from the changelog:
Chapter 5: Instead of CPPFLAGS=-Dvar=value ./configure during the 
installation of diffutils, grep and sed, we now use export 
CPPFLAGS=-Dvar=value && ./configure && unset CPPFLAGS. This was done to get 
things working on some systems that don't work well with that construction.

> The group "audio" _does_ exist in MAKEDEV, but not in the group file.


> This
> is probably because the audio group isn't used when creating generic
> devices,


> but it is still in MAKEDEV.

So what? If you need to "MAKEDEV audio", add the audio group.

> (that include common groups and users that are standard on
> linux systems, such as "nobody"):

If you need such users/groups, just create them.

> I quote: "Another, easier, option!s! is just not to compile programs with
> debugging symbols." But how? I read this part over and over again, but it's
> not stated anywhere. After doing some research, I think "export
> LDFLAGS=-Wl,-S" is the answer.

Quoted from the book, beginning of chapter 6:
Most programs and libraries by default are compiled with debugging symbols 
and optimizing level 2 (gcc options -g and -O2)[...]

I think it's clear.

> After selecting the timezone, a TZ value is returned. Don't waste it! put
> it in /etc/profile (TZ=Europe/Amsterdam; export TZ).

Why so?

> In syslog.conf: Every
> distro I have ever used, had a /var/log/messages with the most important
> system messages. I think LFS needs one too.

Fine, then add it to your own system. Don't forget that not everybody wants 
what you may think is neat.

> The 3-number symlink setup looks cool, and has good arguments to support
> it, but since the standard on SYSV init style is to have only 2 numbers, I
> think this convention should be followed. The more because LFS once decided
> to follow this complicated way of booting, it should as unbloated as
> possible.

The booting scripts is an area where absolutely no convention exists. You can 
do it as you want, and it will always stay compatible with everything. You 
could start all your programs in inittab itself, if you wished so. And I 
don't think we can qualify this as bloat.

> I quote: "Edit the Makefile and edit the CFLAGS variable to use compiler
> optimizations." The compiler optimizations section was dropped in LFS
> 2.4.4, so this is a leftover of 2.4.3.

I think Gerard should remove that, you're right.

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