LFS 2.4.4 - Bad links

edwarddes edwarddes at mac.com
Sun Jan 28 07:13:13 PST 2001

>On Sunday 28 January 2001 09:10, Sanjuro Europa wrote:
>> In Chapter 3 (Packages you need to download) their are 2 bad links to the
>> patch files for Sysklogd and Sysklogd.
>> They should link to the .patch.bz2 files instead of .patch
>> Or put the patch files uncompressed on the FTP.
>Chapter 2, section "How to install the software" tells you what to do when 
>you have a file that ends in .tar.gz or in .tar.bz2. Maybe that's why so 
>people don't understand that you have to bunzip or gunzip the patch, since 
>is not tarred.
>To Sanjuro:
>The links are not bad, they assume that you have unzipped the patch, using 
>this command:
>for bz2 files: bunzip2 <file>
>for gz files: gunzip <file>
umm... no, then that is not thee problem, the link is to a .patch file 
for you to download, before you would ever have a chance to decompress 
it, but the file is actually i .patch.bz2 file, its a simple error in the 
book, dont always assume that its someones incompetence that makes it not 
work. maybe you should check the error yourself next time instead of 
anserwing RTFM!
>To Gerard:
>Maybe people need to know that patches or files that are not tarred also 
>to be unzipped. Then we could quote and say "RTFM". ;)

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