LFS Environment Variables / Linux Standardisation

Peter Andrijeczko peter_andrijeczko at ins.com
Sun Jan 28 14:22:24 PST 2001

Well, I am actually a Red Hat Certified Engineer so I have had the Red Hat
non-standards drummed into me! :-)

No, I agree with your sentiments exactly. I too am very much into tweaking
and optimising operating systems because those that design and sell them all
suffer from the same fault of putting too much excess baggage in them
(Micro$oft are a classic example of this). It was having seen a friend's LFS
system boot about 4 times faster than a Red Hat one on identical laptops
that made me want to investigate LFS more.

And, yes, I am learning SO MUCH MORE about Linux simply by doing this - it
just goes to show that even an RHCE qualification is really just a rung on a
much longer ladder!

I am not personally too worried about where things go in a Linux system
because there is a lot to be said for getting away from standard BSD /
System V look and feels anyway. My only concern is that having now got a
semi-working LFS system, I would now like to use it, rather than Red Hat,
for some training in March for some Linux newbies and it would be nice to
give them a feeling of a standard look-and-feel if they choose to go with a
standard (oops, there's that word again) distro like Red Hat.

Incidentally, I know this isn't the place to talk about Winblows but if you
are into optimising "The Dark Side's" OSes, there's a great O'Reilly Windows
98 Optimisiation book where the author takes a UNIX approach to partitioning
and you get some very good speed results. However, that is the LAST time I
will mention "M*******t" or "W*****s" in this mailing list (no flames

Oh well, I will either go quiet for a while because my LFS 2.4.0 kernel
install has gone okay or you will be hearing more cries for help from me!

Incidentally, anybody got a quick answer as to why I cannot log in directly
to my LFS system as root? I had shadowing on but removed it and that didn't
help. /etc/passwd is okay with a single line entry for root and
/etc/securetty is also setup. I haven't looked at this deeply yet because I
can chroot into LFS okay, it's just if anybody has a quick answer.



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> >I am trying to find out if there is a "standard" way . . .*snip* . . .
> >trying to
> >uncover where $TERM is set in the Red Hat distibution . . .
> "standard" = Red Hat ?
> One of the major reasons I like LFS so much is that in the short time I
> have been using it I have learned more about my Linux system than I ever
> did using RedHat. The problem I kept running into with RH was that in
> reading this or that HOWTO the files were never where they were suppose to
> be. Trying to tweak configurations was a nightmare compariable to Windoze.
> While I learned to do a lot of things with Windows including hacking the
> registry I still kept running into this huge wall that was keeping me from
> really getting into the guts of the system. I ran into the same wall
> to learn Linux with a RedHat system. By pushing LFS I am now dancing on
> cutting edge with the 2.4 kernel, glibc-2.2.1, and the latest versions of
> many packages but I am NOT bleeding.
> >Is there a document anywhere that details this standardisation
> This http://paradigm.uor.edu/linux/standard/ was the first item returned
> from a keyword search "Linux standarization project" on google.com/linux
> The truth is that at this time there is no standard. The refrain "We don't
> need no stinkin' standards" can be heard in LUG meetings around the World.
> Personally, I think it is much too early to start the process of
> standardization.
> I think, therefore, ken_i_m
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