gcc doesn't compile using RH7 as base?

Gian Piero Sala gpierosala at galactica.it
Mon Jan 29 14:56:48 PST 2001

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> > To compile gcc-2.95.2 on a glibc-2.2 based machine you need to apply a
> patch to
> > GCC (Redhat7 and the upcoming LFS-3.0 are glibc-2.2 based). A better
> > thing is using gcc- instead of gcc-2.95.2. The version
> > of gcc has that patch already applied and solves a few other minor
> > problems.
> I see what you're saying, but when I use rpm -q to see what versions I've
> got, it's glibc-2.1.92-14 and gcc-2.96-54. Should I still try using
> gcc- ? Do you mean, as the compiler, or as the thing to be
> compiled? Clear as mud, I'm sure.

I had an identical RH7 *full* installed distro (glibc 2.1.92 & gcc 2.96.54),
and I was able to compile gcc (patched with pgcc) with that kind of
Go for gcc

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