installing lfs onto primary ide with no other os's

asunnymoo asunnymoo at
Tue Jan 30 07:50:50 PST 2001

I have installed LFS on an ide drive with nothing else on it.  I would like to
take that disk and boot from it.  The mini LILO howto gives a fairly simple way
of doing it.  I was just wondering if there was an even more elegant way that
someone else may have thought up.

--- Jan Stifter <j.stifter at> wrote:
> On Mon, 29 Jan 2001 12:43:06 -0500 (EST), Jon Eisenstein
> <jeisen at> wrote:
> >Therefore, the
> >only practical way to create LFS on a previously-unbootable computer is to
> >compile a kernel and several key components on another machine.
> is there a possibility to place that on a cdrom? does anyone have a
> cdrom, which is (a) bootable, (b) small linux system containing a
> compiler and everything needed to compile a lfs (c) the lfs-packages ?
> maybe this is OT, should go to automated-lfs-list...
> how do i make a bootable cd-rom?
> jan

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