Jack Detrick vze24938 at
Wed Jan 31 03:22:09 PST 2001

Last night I modified all my LFS install scripts to comply with the
latest CVS version of the book, and everything went smoothly until
gettext.  make fails on msgfmt because it has no rule to make
libnlsut.a.  I did a search on google for "libnlsut.a" (and for "msgmfmt" since "libnlsut.a" didn't
return anything, but that yielded nothing but people with glibc-2.2.1
problems and package content descriptions from the book for gettext),
but all I got were BSD patches for gettext and some package logs.  I
know this is the _CVS_ version of the book and therefore not intended to
be looked at as a stable release, but submitting possible bugs like this
can only make it better.  I'll be looking into this problem further this
evening, but any help I can get from you guys is greatly appreciated. 
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