The LFS description needs some work

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Wed Jan 31 16:10:39 PST 2001

in the Preface "who wants to read this book" the current text has to be 
changed. A draft is posted below. Comments will be appreciated


This book is intended for Linux users who want to build their own custom
build Linux system. Reasons for wanting to build such a system are
diverse. Perhaps you want to get into more detail as to what
happens behind the scenes. Perhaps you are fed up with distributions
which are often very bloated or perhaps you don't want to rely on pre-compiled
binaries due to security concerns. There are many reasons why you may want 
a custom build system, but if you are one of them, this book is for meant
for you.

The fruits of building your own system are plentiful, but the labour may
be hard. You have a long way ahead of you but in the end you will be
able to call yourself the proud owner of your own Linux system,
completely tailored after your needs. You dictate the layout of
bootscripts, the file system structure, which programs are installed in
which directory, which versions of software to use. Perhaps the
most important reason is that you know exactly what is installed where
why and how.


Gerard Beekmans

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