New hint admin

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Sun Jul 1 03:43:38 PDT 2001

+-Simon Perreault-(nomis80 at[01.07.01 03:39]:
> Ok, I've received a number of submissions for the high-profile job of 
> lfs-hints maintainer. I've chosen Ian Chilton as the new hint maintainer. I 
> know he is a nice guy, being the second one I remember talking to, after 
> highos (remember the pgcc optimization talk, Ian?). So if you have issues 
> about the lfs-hints, Ian Chilton is the new man-in-charge.

Ian actually is a good choice!

> The maintainer is dead, hooray for the maintainer! (I just had to plug that 
> in ;) )

Why do I think of a guy called Kenny now?

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